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Benefits of body massages

Life can be stressful and cause tension in our minds and bodies. Luckily, body massages can help relieve all that stress at once. Soothing music helps put anxiety at bay while heat, pressure and rhythm relaxes the muscles and kneads out those hard-to-ignore knots. Whether it’s a kink in your neck, a pulled muscle or a just a bad week, it’s time your body got some R&R.

At Sense of Beauty Spa and Salon, we offer three types of massage treatments: hot stone, deep-tissue and relaxation. While each one offers different benefits, they all result in a stress-free body, mind and soul.

By using heated basalt stones, our hot stone massages work gradually to relieve muscle tightness. The temperature of the stones combined with soft hand techniques allow for an increase in blood flow and the release of toxins; evidently leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. Plus with the cold weather approaching, it’s sure to warm you up right down to the core.

Looking for something a little more intense? Our deep-tissue massage is targeted for anyone with chronic muscle pain, strain injuries (like carpal tunnel) or repetitive muscle tension or spasms. By focusing on a specific problem and applying deep pressure, we are able to loosen any adhesions blocking circulation, therefore alleviating you of that irritable muscle pain.

Relaxation massages provide just that: relaxation. By using rhythmic hand techniques and gradual pressure, we are able to reduce muscle tension, reduce stress and increase mobility.

The soothing scent of lotions and our selection of serenity music allows for every sense to unwind. Don’t worry about getting too relaxed, we promise not to judge if you snore!

With three different massage treatments, Sense of Beauty offers something for every muscle, ache and pain. Check out our website for more information, or to set up an appointment for a blissful, one-hour vacation.

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