Women’s Pricing


Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

Effective in cleaning clogged and enlarged pores, Extractions of blackheads, and removal of whiteheads. Hormones and genes are the two primary causes. With daily maintenance and regular facials, acne and oily skin become manageable and controllable.


Balancing Facial

Because you are unique, Gerard’s and Ella Bache have created high-performance beauty treatments appropriate to the specific needs of your skin. (for all types of skin including sensitive skin with a tendency to psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.)


Re-White Facial

Re-White treatment is the anti-aging and anti-spot system for perfect skin. Natural principles and advanced technological complexes are strategically combined to illuminate and rejuvenate skin. Unify the complexion, cancel sports, and imperfections caused by acne.



Hydra Anti Aging Facial

A wonderfully effective firming facial for mature dry aging skin. Using a high percentage of effective ingredients to firm, hydrate, tone, and restore immediate radiance to the skin.


Back Facial

Back facials involve a process of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing the skin on the back, in addition to applying a mask. Most back facials also include extraction to clear out blocked pores and reduce the severity of any present back acne.


Collagen Mask Treatment

With any facial for extra.


Advanced Facials

Glycolic Acid Peel Facial Treatment

(Package of 3 treatments)

Do your sin concerns managing hyperpigmentation or fending off fine lines? If yes, then glycolic acid peel might be the treatment for you. Because it’s a powerful exfoliant, it can visibly reduce signs of aging and hyperpigmentation by weakening the connections between the cells in the top layer of the skin, which helps remove the dead skin cells, giving the skin a refreshed look and glowing complexion.




Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment

(Package of 3 treatments)

What is Microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that often uses tiny crystals to exfoliate and remove the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells.




Hydrodermabrasion Facial Treatment

(Package of 3 treatments)

  • Instantly revitalizes and nourishes worn-out, dehydrated, and sunken skin.
  • Lassen the look of fine lines and wrinkles and plump-up complexion.
  • Treat acne and improve acne scarring.
  • Minimize the look of huge pores.
  • Refine thickened skin.




Eyebrow Tint $12
Eyelash Tint $20
Hanna Brow tint $40
Brow Lamination (With tint – Shaping extra) $70
Brow Lamination (Without tint) $60
Eyelash lift (With tint) $70
Eyelash lift (Without tint) $60


What is Microblading? Microblading is a method of applying semi-permanent makeup. Microblading is done by manually inserting pigment into the upper layer of skin to give the impression of fullness and shape to the eyebrows.

Touch Up Upon Consultation





Beauty Hands, Feet & Nail Care

Spa Manicure

(With regular polish)


Spa Pedicure

(With regular polish)

Shape, Trim, and buff nails, cleaning cuticles, exfoliation, a relaxing foot and leg massage followed by polish of your choice.



Ultimate Spa Pedicure

This luxurious treatment includes Soaking feet into the ‘Doterra’ precious essential oil, taking care of corn, callus, ingrown nails, exfoliation, relaxing foot and leg massage followed by a hot towel and polish of your choice.


Shellac Manicure

(With gel polish)

$30 (14 days wear)

Shellac Pedicure

(With gel polish)

CND shellac power polish is a breakthrough, patent-pending technology that combines the ease of polish with the performance of gels, mirror shine, zero dry time, no nail damage. No formaldehyde, Toluene, or DBP(Dibuty Phthalate).


Gel Overlay Manicure

$45 (3-4 weeks wear)

Gel Spa Pedicure

The healthy alternative, a nail treatment, is strong, durable but flexible. Enhances the natural nail without damaging the nail plate. Permanent nail color will not chip or wear away. Easy to remove in 10 minutes.





Regular Polish Change (Hands or Feet)



Shellac Polish Change (Hands or Feet)




$10 Extra

Nail Art


$5 Extra


Collagen mask treatment

(Handa or Feet)

$10 Extra


Laser soprano ice

This service is provided by one of the GTA’S and certified technicians fully licensed and insured. Please call for an appointment and pricing and ask us about our special offers and prices.

The prices listed do not include HST and are subject to change without notice.

Beauty Hair Removal


Eyebrows $12
Upper Lip $8
Forehead $5
Side Burns $8
Chin $5
Neck $5
Full Face $40


Eyebrows $14
Full Arms $24
Lower Legs $26
Upper Legs $28-$30
Full Legs $50
Lower Back $20
Full Back
$10 Extra
Chest $20
Upper Body $40
Bikini Line $25-$30
Nose $10
Bum $20
Stomach $20
Full Body Waxing

(Including full legs, full arms, full back, full front, full bikini, and underarms)




Full Bikini $50-$55

Beauty Body Treatments

30 Minute Massage $55
45 Minute Massage $65
60 Minute Massage $75
Hot Stone Massage (30 min) $55
Hot Stone Massage (60 min) $85
Reflexology Treatment (Hands, 20 min) $45
Reflexology Treatment (Feet, 20 min) $45
Back Exfoliation $45
Full Body Exfoliation $120

Bridal Party

Bridal Makeup $80
Bridal Up Do $100
Mother of the Bride: Makeup $70
Mother of the Bride: Up Do $85
Bridesmaids: Makeup $70
Bridesmaids: Up Do $85
Flower Girl: Makeup $20
Flower Girl: Up Do $25
Other Guest: Makeup $70
Other Guest: Up Do $85