Shailina has been threading my eyebrows for over 5 years now. The first time I met her was at her other salon “Athena Beauty” and I came in for an eyebrow wax, she looked at me and said “have you ever tried threading”?. From that moment I have never gone to anyone else, she is literally an eyebrow wizard!! I eventually started coming to Sense of Beauty more often as that was where I could find her most of the time. The salon is absolutely amazing, has a great atmosphere and offers all kinds of great services. Each staff member is truly talented and I can say that as I have had my eyebrows threaded by many of them! A wonderful new service the salon is offering is eyebrow microblading, I always wanted to do it as my eyebrows would never grow from all the waxing I did while I was younger. I told Shailina that if she learned this technique I would 100% get them done with her. Not long after her salon added the new service and I must say I am SO happy with my new micro bladed brows. They are perfectly shaped, soft and natural looking, I could not have imagined anything better! I highly recommend Sense of Beauty for anyone looking for a reliable salon that provides exceptional services and great customer care!

Sladja SF,