Paul Mitchell Hair Colouring

Unlike many cosmetic brands, Paul Mitchell promotes an environmentally conscious consumer. Founded in 1980, the world-renowned name prides itself on using alternative methods to animal testing. As well, each product is made with natural ingredients like beeswax and sunflower extract; ensuring quality results that make you look good (without any of the guilt).

By using reliable brands like Paul Mitchell, we at Sense of Beauty can ensure you leave feeling good about your colour. Unfortunately, the same is not always guaranteed with the cheaper, do-it-yourself alternatives.

Our stylists are trained in the art of colour mixing and have the ability to customize the perfect shades. Those skills, combined with Paul Mitchell’s salon products, are what allow us to create the best hues for your hair. The same cannot be said for ‘one-colour fits all’ boxed-dyes, which prove to have a variety of results – not all of which are good.

Other factors also need to be considered when giving your mane a makeover, like natural level of pigment, skin tone, previous use of dye, porosity and more. To make the product cheaper, boxed dyes move down on the porosity scale, which leaves hair damaged and straw-like. By going to a reputable salon, you get rid of the risk and improve your chances of leaving with a look you love.

No matter the colour, we can create it using the best Paul Mitchell products that will only enhance your hair’s shine and strength. Check out our website for more information about our hair-products, as well as our other services.