CND Shellac & Bio Sculpture Gel – What are the benefits?

Heard of shellac and bio sculpture gel at the nail salon but weren’t sure what it’s all about? It’s definitely worth knowing about!

At Sense of Beauty Spa, Salon and Boutique, we offer these services as we understand the great benefits that each serve and the high quality that we are able to offer in using these great nail alternatives.

Shellac nail polish’s main benefit is its strength. The polish also dries extremely quickly, and lasts longer than most polishes, remaining immaculate for two weeks or more.

The polish is dried using UV lighting. The UV lights cure the layers of shellac and in turn make the polish scratch-resistant and quite shiny!

Shellac is free of formaldehyde, DBP and toluene, and proves to be free of damage to your nails.

It’s easy to apply, and easy to take off – all in matter of 10 minutes. There’s nothing more satisfying than a freshly painted set of nails that you know is going to last you longer than the drive home from the salon!

Bio Sculpture Gel is an improved nail care system that is designed to protect the natural nail. Often times, when you have your nails done frequently the nail beds begin to deteriorate. Bio Sculpture Gel cures under UVA lighting, and keeps the natural nail in a healthy condition while still offering a high quality shine and finish.

This alternative looks natural, and like shellac is extremely simple and quick to apply and remove, drying instantly under UV lighting.

Shellac and Bio Sculpture Gel are great options for your nails, offering the option to pamper yourself without having to worry about damaging your natural nails!

Sense of Beauty Spa, Salon and Boutique offers a wide selection of colours available for both Shellac and Bio Sculpture Gel and are happy to offer you a healthier alternative for our nail services. For more information, contact us today!