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Hot Stone, Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massages: Targeted Areas

For those with sore muscles or a tight back, we offer three different massage treatments: Hot Stone, Deep Tissue and Relaxation. While each targets a different area, all achieve a similar result: stress-free bliss.

Using basalt rocks, a hot stone massage relies on the power of heat to gradually penetrate and loosen muscles, rather than use the vigorous pressure that is normally associated with massage treatment. The stones are placed strategically on acupressure points – along the spine, hamstrings, arms, feet and face – allowing energy to flow through the body and help its natural healing process. Hot stone massages are a great alternative if you’re looking to relieve muscle tension without intense pressure.

The more traditional deep-tissue massage requires strong hand techniques to relieve muscle tension.  Deep-Tissue massages’ are most common for those with stiff necks or permanently tight backs and shoulders. It works by targeting areas where muscles are contracted (otherwise known as knots), which blocks circulation and causes pain in our tendons and ligaments. To break down the adhesions, deep pressure and friction is applied, eventually relieving muscle stress and inflammation. While the treatment may be uncomfortable at times, the pain is more than worth the gain.

For anyone looking for that perfect one-hour escape, a relaxation massage is your best bet. Using classic Swedish techniques, pressure is gradually applied to desired areas with long, rhythmic strokes.  By using different lotions and oils, the flow of movement stays consistent and our technicians are able to gently work on relieving stress from your body’s softer tissue.

Whether you’re a visitor to the Niagara region or just need a place to relax during your stay-cation this winter, come visit us at Sense of Beauty. Located at 8023 Lundy’s Lane, you can contact us online or visit our Facebook page for a full list of services.

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